fifteen| portuguese | INFJ

"People who think so lightly of their own lives,
do not have the right to protect anyone."

- elliot nightray.

the kageyamato my hinata
the riko to my alex garcia
the jean to my marco ♡
the alibabato my kassim ♡
the rei to my nagisa ♡
the daiki to my daichi ♡
the haru to my rin ♡
the suzume to my mamura
theart to my nice ♡
the tsukki to my kuroo ♡
the kenma to my kuroo
the midorima to my takao

Anonymous mumbled: will you be willing to rate blogs?><

i’m sorry anon! >.< i don’t think i will be willing to blog rates anymore because it was hard when i did so ;u; and all blogs are beautiful in their own way okay <3