the art to my nice
the haru to my rin
the rei to my nagisa
the jean to my marco
the tsukki to my kuroo
the kuroko to my akashi
the mamura to my daichi
the alibaba to my kassim 
the suzume to my mamura
the riko to my alex garcia

who's here?

this is how my theme should look like.

romeo x juliet, haikyuu!, pandora hearts (rewatching), ao no exorcist (rewatching), love stage, tokyo ghoul, free!, sword art online, znt, barakamon, re: hamatora, ao haru ride
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hello my dear, i hope you're having an amazing day! you're really special and deserve every love and cookie around the world! (if you don't like cookies, no problem, we also have icecream!) stay beautiful, as you always have been !! :) ♥♥
alex | 15 | portugal | INFJ

mamura daiki is my life.
i also love ayato kirishima.

is my ultimate OTP.
kurotsuki also ruined my life.

don't talk to me about pandora hearts.
i'm very emotional. i'll cry.

♥ no actually talk to me, let's be friends ♥
Everything that made you sad, everything that hurt you, Cheshire will destroy them